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In the past twenty years, the history of the body has become an increasingly visible field of scholarly inquiry and has experienced a remarkable expansion. This online journal is an attempt to represent and contribute to the field’s development in all its various facets. It publishes articles in German or English. All contributions have gone through a double-blind peer review process and appear free of charge in the open access format.

The focus of the journal is the body as a multi-dimensional object of research and as the result of historical transformations: as an effect of social practices, an object of the imagination and of representation, in its discursivity, materiality, and productivity. The body was and is a medium of subjectification as well as the locus of efforts at social hierarchization and, not least, of political conflicts. It is in this comprehensive sense that the title of the journal must be understood: Body Politics.

The history of the body not only changes our view of people, their bodies, and history, it also affects our perceptions of animals and material objects and their purportedly fundamental differentness.

Accordingly, this journal is open to a wide range of research questions and diverse approaches. It presents not only articles from the field of history, but also historical approaches in neighboring fields of literary and media studies as well as cultural and social sciences.  Submit an arcticle …

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